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Helping Students Grow In Their Faith

CPC Student Ministry is quarantined but connected
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Current Series: Can I Get Help From My Friends?

Proverbs 17.17 talks about friend love always but a true friend is developed through adversity.  Who are the friends surrounding you this summer?

Spiritual Development Tools

Not feeling connected to God?  Here are some easy, digital spiritual development tools students can utilize to grow in their faith.


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Lots of Ways to Get Connected.

Digital Youth Group

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Our Mission & Vision

At CPC Student Ministry our vision and mission is to help connect students to faith

CPC Student Ministry is for all students no matter where they’re at in life. It’s a place to explore the Christian faith, connect with friends and have a great time. We don’t expect you to be perfect. Just come real — how you are and who you are!


Student Ministry Blog

The Latest News & Updates

June’s Bible Reading Plan

This month students are invited to participate in this study of "Life is Hard!" Right now -- life seems out of control.  There's no way around that. In this seven-day reading plan for teens, we’ll look at how God uses our suffering and trials to mold and shape us...

May’s Bible Reading Plan

For the first half of May our Bible study will focus on most of us are feeling -- ALONE.  Through the isolation has granted us a lot of time by ourselves.  In this unprecedented season of “social distancing,” we’re all probably feeling a bit lonelier...

Interview with Atlanta’s Family Therapist: How To Parent In A Pandemic

SHOW NOTES BELOW What are the new realities for families? Family’s lives have been flipped upside down and that’s the new realities. Parents are facing a big ambiguity around what’s expected of them and now they have lots of access with their teenager.   There’s a lot...