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This Winter/Spring the CPC Student Ministry is looking to have a confirmation experience for all students 6th – 12th.  But before we get too far in our planning, we like to see how many families would like to participate in our confirmation experience.  Confirmation is an incredible learning opportunity and important step in one’s faith journey where a group of students are exposed to some of the key teachings of the Christian Faith, the history of the universal Church and our local church, the life and work of Jesus, and what it means to be a disciple of Jesus.   The goal for confirmation process does not end with being confirmed, but is a lifetime commitment of growing in and with the Church.
The confirmation experience will consist of:

• 6 classes taught by a variety of key Clairmont adult leaders
• A one night Retreat (Date to be determined)
• A mentor relationship
• A service opportunity (a local service project on a Sunday afternoon)

Confirmation classes will meet at 9:15am – 10:15am on Sunday’s.
The schedule for Confirmation is as follows:
All pieces of the confirmation experience are mandatory (of course if emergencies or schedule difficulties arise we will accommodate).  Confirmation is a big commitment for both the student/family and CPC.  The hope is that many consider participating in this experience.  The thought is CPC Student Ministry will offer confirmation again in two years.

What the CPC Student Ministry teams needs to know is your student ready to participate?
Please fill out a real quick questionnaire by clicking below to let our team know if your student would like to participate.