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We are in a spiritual HABITS series.  The spiritual habits are discipline habits for us to connect and draw close to God.  Reading and studying the Bible in addition to praying are two ways we have learned about as ways to experience God. Last night, at the Gathering we invited students on a 6 day devotional challenge.

For the next 6 days each student is invited to partake in a 6 day Bible reading plan titled:  “Kickstarting Their Conversation With God” otherwise known as prayer. A conversation is simply an exchange between two individuals. Through this plan we want to show students how to read the Bible and pray to God in a way that feels like having a conversation. These 6 days of short readings, simple steps, and engaging videos is what awaits you. We hope you enjoy.

What To Do:
Get Bible plan here.
Schedule a time in the day for the next 6 days to complete this devotional.
Share what you learned with someone.