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What are the new realities for families?

Family’s lives have been flipped upside down and that’s the new realities.

Parents are facing a big ambiguity around what’s expected of them and now they have lots of access with their teenager.   There’s a lot of parenting.

 How do I keep my student motivated?

For the short term — having a reward system while keeping a clear discipline policy is key to incentize students.

How can I reward good work? How can I partner with my student who’s doing good work and give them a reward on something they really like and are passionate about? Students are slowly learning how to be more focused and disciplined moving from one thing to the next. Parents have to think creatively on how to engaged the school work together.

Right now — student feels alone and isolated so work at seeing what they want to do in these weird times.

It’s time to really know your student. What’s their interest?  Teens will NOT tell you what they are interested but you have to pay attention to what they are wearing, what they are listening to and what they are indirectly saying. Get into the world of your teenager. Give your students some autonomy. Freedom can be a reward. Let your teenage decide what reward is important to them. Asking your teen what their reward can be — communicates a lot of respect and trust to them.

What’s too much freedom and too much control?

Best parenting comes from a heart of peace. If we are fearful, anxious we feel out of control. The most important thing in quarantine is for a parent to have time for themselves to find their inner peace. When we shoot from the hip, we react and produce anxious. When we plan, it provides structure and safety.

Parents need to define what their teens need. Support is more about safety and not control.  Parent need time for themselves to find their peace and plan how they will handle certain parenting situations.

 What are tips to help students adjust to this new quarantine lifestyle?

People used to live in a slower pace lifestyle. We are spending a lot of time with our families. The opportunity for this time is inspiration and creativity. There’s time to develop our creativity. Explore your student’s identity. Students know the dreams in their hearts but don’t know how to get there. What are some online resources that can build into my kid’s future? What are projects or things we can build as a family? Through exploration and doing things together you learn a lot about yourself.

 What are the impacts of living this quarantine lifestyle?

There’s a lot fear going on with a lot of unknowns. In the busyness, we don’t recognize our fears. Students process how to emotionally handle stressful situation through their parents. Is family a place where we can process together. Students want to know what’s real. Is it a routine or real? And they want to know where God is in this time. Parents can be real about their faith in this tough time. Finding God in tough places. Students are hungry for answers and what’s true in a world that’s always changing?

 What are helpful resources?





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